Seller Policies

Bel Istoria invites qualified shops to partner with us. We offer simple but competitive terms, a well-developed platform, and visibility in a niche market.

Selection Criteria 

Bel Istoria is a curated, invitation-only marketplace for lovers of history and romantic tradition. We invite sellers who meet our selection criteria to apply for consideration. Our selection criteria are:

  • Good fit for Bel Istoria’s audience
  • Quality of product & packaging
  • Product line development
  • Product presentation (imaging and description)
  • Gift sets and gift potential
  • Social media engagement and quality of marketing
  • Sales history and online reviews
  • Number of years in business


Bel Istoria charges no set up or listing fees. Once an item sells, there is a 12.5% transaction fee only on the sale price, not shipping. This transaction fee includes our online marketing of your product; no premiums are required on Bel Istoria to show up in searches and get your product marketed by email and social media. The payment processing fee on each transaction is at cost— 2.9% + $0.30.


Funds from your sales are directly deposited to your Stripe account immediately.

Length of Service

We look forward to enduring and mutually rewarding partnerships with our sellers. As a new company, we are asking sellers to partner with us and keep their shops on Bel Istoria for a period of at least 12 months, as we build our buyer base.

Setting Up Shop

Once your application has been approved, you may log in to your Dashboard to begin setting up your shop. You will be required to open both a Stipe account (for immediate payments) and a Shippo account to purchase postage and print labels online. Bel Istoria uses WooCommerce with WC Vendors on a WordPerfect platform. To assist you in this process, sellers may opt to upload a csv file. We can provide a template for a seamless upload. Otherwise, if your csv file does not match our system perfectly, you may need to do some tweaking. Of course, you may also opt  to manually set up your shop. You may upload as many products as you would like. There are no listing fees per product. We offer a few bells and whistles at this juncture, including the ability to create coupons for discounts or free shipping, offer subscription products, and include gift messaging. 

Product Approval

Bel Istoria carefully curates its shops to appeal to Bel Istorian tastes. One of our selection criteria is that the entire product line is a good fit for our audience. We trust sellers to choose good fit products for inclusion on Bel Istoria. While we do not pre-approve individual products, Bel Istoria reserves the right to remove products from our venue at any time and for any reason. Of course, we will communicate promptly with the seller in this rare circumstance.

Product Representation

All products must be fairly and accurately represented on Bel Istoria through imagery and text. Products designated as “handmade” must be made by the seller or an identified partner. Products designated as “vintage” must be at least 20 years old. Sellers are responsible for keeping their shop data up to date.

Seller Representation

Sellers must present themselves and their shops honestly and accurately. Sellers agree to:

  • Ensure that all text and photographs on Bel Istoria truthfully and accurately represent you
  • Make your policies clear
  • Respect intellectual property rights
  • Refrain from manipulative and deceptive actions, such as listing duplicate shops, manipulating clicks, coordinating pricing with other sellers, falsifying reviews, or moving a sale off venue to avoid Bel Istoria fees

Creating and Uploading Content

Through listings, messages, photos, videos, and text, sellers may not upload content that is:

  • Anything that violates our Anti-Discrimination policy, such as racist, harasssing, or threatening verbiage
  • Information that could be deemed confidential or private
  • Fake reviews to inflate review scores
  • Advertising or self-promotion
  • False claims
  • Complaints about other sellers
  • Photographs that do not accurately represent the purchased product

Communication & Customer Service Expectations

We expect our sellers to partner with us in providing a high level of customer service. Sellers on Bel Istoria agree to:

  • Clearly publish your shop policies and honor them
  • Meet shipping and processing commitments
  • Respond to messages within 24 hours
  • Keep buyers updated on changes to orders
  • Resolve disagreements and disputes quickly and fairly
  • Respect and protect the buyer’s privacy (see our Privacy Policy)

Use Bel Istoria’s messaging for intended purposes, and not for:

  • Advertising or promotion
  • Harassment or discrimination
  • Interfering with a transaction or business of another seller

Anti-Discrimination Policy

By visiting and using Bel Istoria, you are implicitly agreeing that you will not discriminate through your actions or words based on color, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Managing Cancellations

All cancellations must be entered into Bel Istoria’s system by the seller. A seller may cancel a transaction under the following circumstances:

  • The buyer did not pay. (The seller may flag a buyer for a payment not received, chargeback, or canceled payment.)
  • Both the buyer and seller agree to cancel the transaction before shipment, and the seller has issued the buyer a full refund.
  • The seller has decided to refuse service to the buyer, and if the buyer has already paid, the seller has issued a full refund, including shipping.
  • The buyer did not receive the item(s) ordered, even though the seller has provided proof of shipping, and the seller has issued a refund for the item plus shipping. 
  • The buyer and seller agreed that the buyer could return the item to the seller for a refund. The seller has received the returned item and issued a refund to the buyer for the item plus shipping. 

Dispute Resolution

As the seller, you are the point of contact with buyers on all matters pertaining to a purchase transaction. We expect sellers to maintain a high level of customer service in communications with buyers. Your home on Bel Istoria depends on it. That said, Bel Istoria does offer dispute resolution in very specific circumstances. See our dispute resolution policy under Terms and Conditions.

Protecting Privacy

You are responsible for protecting members’ personal information you receive or process, and you must comply with all relevant legal requirements. This includes applicable data protection and privacy laws that govern the ways in which you can use Bel Istoria user information. These laws may require that you post and comply with your own privacy policy, which must be accessible to Bel Istoria users with whom you interact. Your privacy policy must be compatible with this policy and Bel Istoria’s Terms and Conditions.

Guidelines for Reviews

Buyers may post a review any time within 60 days of purchase. Bel Istoria reserves the right to remove any reviews that violate our stated policies. As the seller, you may respond to any reviews.

Our review system relies on integrity. Content may not include:

  • Anything that violates our Anti-Discrimination policy, such as racist, harasssing, or threatening verbiage
  • Information that could be deemed confidential or private
  • Fake reviews to inflate review scores
  • Advertising or self-promotion
  • False claims
  • Complaints that are not within the control of the seller, such as shipping
  • Photographs that do not accurately represent the purchased product

Seller Forum

Bel Istoria intends to provide a forum for sellers to exchange ideas and share advice, as the marketplace grows. We are open to offering more subject-specific forums as well, based on demand. Share your ideas at

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