Sell on Bel Istoria

Be among the first 25 sellers to join and keep 90% of your sales for life, dedicated social media, featured shop status, and free shop set-up!

Bel Istoria’s marketplace will formally launch on June 1st.

Bel Istoria is a curated marketplace for “lovers of history and romantic tradition.” We invite sellers who meet our selection criteria to apply for consideration as an invitation-only shop. If your product line matches our selection criteria, we invite you to complete our brief online application here. We will respond within 24 hours.

Bel Istoria’s Seller Selection Criteria

  • Good fit for Bel Istoria’s audience
  • Quality of product & packaging
  • Product line development
  • Product presentation (imaging and description)
  • Gift sets and gift potential
  • Social media engagement and quality of marketing
  • Sales history and online reviews
  • Number of years in business

Why List Your Products on Our Curated Marketplace?

We live in an ecommerce world where shops must struggle just to get seen (Etsy now has 60 million products across 2+ million sellers and Amazon and Ebay list billions of products). Bel Istoria offers our shops unmatched visibility through a combination of:

  • a unique and easily accessible interest niche, which means that your product will enjoy strong appeal across a wide swath of Bel Istoria visitors
  • many fewer shops with the distinction of being here by invitation only, ensuring that your product gets the visibility and respect it deserves
  • promotion across multiple channels, through Bel Istoria’s aggressive and niched social media posts, email campaigns, and online featured opportunities
  • a real partnership with our little cadre of shops, which means we’ll work with you up close and personal on maximizing your presence on our site, creating opportunities to promote your product, and putting your best foot forward to our Bel Istoria customers. And while Bel Istoria will have the ultimate say in what products are included in our marketing campaigns across multiple channels, we will keep you in the loop on upcoming themes and invite your suggestions, because this is, after all, a partnership.

Simple and Fair Terms of Business

We’ll take 12.5% of your sales plus payment processing at cost (2.9% plus .30 per transaction) and nothing more. No listing fees. No take on shipping. No cost for shipping labels. And no extra fees for optional paid services and premium listings (which, by the way, accounted for more than a quarter of Etsy’s revenues in 2018). You won’t need to pay to get your product seen.

As a new online venue that’s going to take some time to build momentum, all we ask for from you is a commitment to stay with us for at least a year.

Read more about our working relationship under Seller PoliciesBuyer Policies, and Terms & Conditions. Then apply to sell on our curated marketplace!

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