Kiki & Syds

Kiki & Syds

“Obsessed!!! I got one for myself and love it so much I ordered one for all the ladies for Christmas!! So beautiful and fun for a great price!” —5-star Etsy Review

Karen Martin (Kiki) and her daughter Sydney launched Kiki and Syds on Etsy in 2016 as a boutique specialty shop that creates handmade clutches, purses, wallets, and other unique and beautiful products. Located in the Lowcountry, an area along the South Carolina coast that has rich culture, geography, cuisine and architecture unlike anywhere else in the United States, Kiki and Syds incorporates a bit of that culture and a lot of heart into their unique collection of handmade kiss lock mini clutches and other personalized items.

Age of Innocence Gift Box


ThIs adorable kiss lock purse is reminiscent of the tiny purses that were a hallmark of Victorian fashion and a necessity in an era when dresses did not include pockets. Ornately made using fancy fabrics, this fashion accessory offered an opportunity to show off handiwork, and held calling cards and handkerchiefs. Purse frames were often ornately made of gold, silver, amber, or ivory, and heavily embossed in filigree scroll. The kiss lock emerged in the early 1900s.

kiss lock mini clutch