Buyer Policies

Bel Istoria is a trusted venue curated especially for lovers of history and romantic tradition. Products are selected for their unique appeal to the discriminating tastes of Bel Istorians like you. These guidelines will help you shop with confidence. We hope you enjoy the experience.

Communication with Sellers

Our shops reside on Bel Istoria by invitation-only, based on a rigorous selection process that ensures high quality and proven customer service. This screening process is particularly important, as you will be dealing directly with our sellers on your purchases. Each seller has their own policies, shipping methods, and turnaround times. On every aspect of a purchase, you’ll be communicating directly with the seller. And while we do not endorse, guarantee, or in any way intervene in our sellers’ posted policies, we do encourage our buyers to review purchases online. This feedback guides other buyers and helps us continually evaluate seller performance, allowing our buyers to shop with confidence. 

Your Responsibilities as a Buyer

Carefully read the full item description and seller policies before making your purchase. Pay honestly. And check to make sure you’ve provided correct shipping information. 

Guidelines for Reviews

As a reviewer, your profile information will be published alongside your comments and any photographs of the purchased product. Once published, uploaded photographs become the property of Bel Istoria, so make sure you have the rights and permission to use the photograph. Our review system relies on integrity. Content may not include:

  • Anything that violates our Anti-Discrimination policy, such as racist, harassing, or threatening verbiage
  • Information that could be deemed confidential or private
  • Fake reviews to inflate review scores
  • Advertising or self-promotion
  • False claims
  • Complaints that are not within the control of the seller, such as shipping
  • Photographs that do not accurately represent the purchased product

You may post a review any time within 60 days of purchase. Bel Istoria reserves the right to remove any reviews that violate our stated policies.

Cancellations and Returns

All cancellations and returns must be handled by directly messaging the seller. Please note that not all sellers accept returns. Read a seller’s policies thoroughly before making a purchase.

Dispute Resolution

As a buyer, your first point of contact is with the seller. However, if the seller does not fulfill their duty to address your concerns within an appropriate period of time, you may contact our Help Desk in the following circumstances:

  • Non-delivery only in instances where the seller cannot prove that the product was shipped and/or the product was not shipped to the address provided by the buyer
  • Late delivery only in instances where there was a written understanding between buyer and seller of a must-have delivery date for an event after which time the product would be rendered useless
  • Not-as-Described only in instances where the buyer can prove through photos or other documentation that the actual product is significantly different from the seller’s online representation

Anti-Discrimination Policy

By visiting and using Bel Istoria, you are implicitly agreeing that you will not discriminate through your actions or words based on color, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Engaging in Bel Istoria’s Online Community

Bel Istoria was developed around a common interest in history and romantic tradition. And for that reason, we endeavor to nurture an interactive online community through our forums and social messaging opportunities. In the interest of ensuring fair and respectful engagement, please beware of and report these taboos:

  • Unsolicited advertising, donation requests, self-promotion, or spam
  • Harassment, verbal abuse, or violation of our Anti-Discrimination policy
  • Interference in business transactions
  • Violations of privacy or intellectual property rights
  • False or misleading claims
  • Obscene or inappropriate content

See Terms and Conditions for additional information.We hope these guidelines will help you shop with confidence. May you enjoy your experience with Bel Istoria!