A Perfume in Time

A Perfume in Time

“There is something special about a fully natural product that unfolds in layers as you wear it throughout the day, made more special by the history behind each creation.”
                                                        —Joey Ringer

Former aerospace engineer Joey Ringer is a student of Victorian and Edwardian perfumes. Over time, she’s learned how to recreate historically accurate formulas using modern, natural ingredients.

Her olfactory creations now include a natural line of skincare products and 29 historically accurate fragrances, such as Buckingham Palace Bouquet, New Moon Hay, and Kiss Me Quick.

Age of Innocence Gift Box


Our Age of Innocence Gilded Years theme box features Queen Victoria’s Perfume, which opens with a citrus burst of fresh lemon and sweet bergamot followed by delicate orange blossoms. The scent then morphs into a floral blend of rose, powdery violet and mimosa before drying down to animalic civet and creamy tuberose.

Joey discovered this 1892 formula from George Askinson’s Perfumes and Their Preparations. Due to the light and natural composition of 19th century perfumes, reapply every 3-4 hours.